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Diy Parametric Wood Working 1000 ( DWG,DXF,AI,PDF,SVG product data )

Diy Parametric Wood Working 1000 ( DWG,DXF,AI,PDF,SVG product data )

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Preparation and Gathering Materials:


- Wooden panels: 2 pieces, 18x2100x2800 mm

- Back bars: 2 pieces, 30x90x2502 mm

- Before starting, ensure that all necessary materials are obtained. This includes wooden panels, back bars, screws, and mounting equipment.

CNC Data:

◦ CNC data prepared by Onef Design contains the dimensions of the wooden panels and other necessary information for CNC cutting. This includes the cutting shape of the panels, the position, and size of the holes.

CNC Processing:

◦ Wooden panels should be cut according to the prepared CNC data. A CNC machine will be used for cutting the panels and drilling the holes.

Preparation of Back Bars:

◦ Back bars should be prepared with the necessary holes for wall mounting. These holes should be placed according to the dimensions and distances specified in the technical drawing.

Mounting the Panels to the Back Bars:

◦ Panels should be fixed to the back bars using 50 mm screws. The 18 mm gap between the panels should be considered, and appropriate screwing techniques should be used.

Preparation for Wall Mounting:

◦ Holes required for wall mounting should be prepared according to the dimensions and distances specified in the technical drawing. There are 5 holes for each bar, which will be used for wall mounting.

Wall Mounting:

◦ After fixing the panels to the back bars, the back bars should be mounted on the wall. This should be done using the correct screwing equipment according to the dimensions and distances specified in the technical drawing.

Inspection and Adjustments:

◦ After all parts are assembled, check the accuracy of the operations. Adjust the tightness of the wall mounting screws if necessary and ensure that the assembly is sturdy.

By following these steps, you can complete the production process of the design and achieve the desired result.

You will download 1 (DWG,DXF,AI,PDF,SVG) file of the preferred design as a zip file.

Production Notes:

After the multiple production of the design, it can be stacked on top of each other and minimum distance packaging can be provided.

Production files have been prepared and provided by Onef Design for ease of production.

The model can be used with any software that allows importing Aspire, Artcam, Vcarve, Carveco, or DWG,DXF,AI,PDF,SVG file formats.

If you experience any issues, please feel free to contact me.

These are digital files that you can download after your purchase is completed. No physical product will be delivered.


The copyright of the files here belongs to Onef Design. These files are intended for PERSONAL and SMALL BUSINESS COMMERCIAL use.

You may:
- Use these files to create items for personal use.
- Use these files to create finished products for sale.

You may not:
- However, you may not:
- Use the files for any other purpose.
- Sell any part of these files in any digital format.
- Share or sell these files for any reason.


Every effort has been made to ensure that these files are not defective in normal use. Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds or exchanges after purchase.


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